Visual artist and designer based in Bergen, Norway. The starting point of her artistic practice is investigatory, the main engine is to collect and connect. Through image, concept and language, the results are mostly, but not limited to, the production of prints, fanzines and paper ephemera.

While exercising states of representation, the intentions are essentially poetic. 

Selected works 

Four women, two men & a monster
Terra Nullius
Once in a Blue
up without an insistent casting away
Terra Incognita
The Mornings After
What will happen when everything becomes anything becomes everywhere becomes all things?


up without an insistent casting away
“up without an insistent casting away” is a book of poems by Alwynne Pritchard published by KMD Bergen. It consists of verbal instructions, or poetic invitations, to create site-specific sound performances and was published to celebrate, and in the event of, the opening of KMD academy’s new building, designed by Snøhetta.

The result is a curious little book
that is as much a collectable
as it is a provocateur.

Alwynne Pritchard is a British artist, composer,
performer and curator based in Bergen, Norway.

Poem book

1 edition
the faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design
at the University of Bergen, Norway (KMD).

Printed: M2, Portugal
Edition of 350

76 pages