Visual artist and designer based in Bergen, Norway. The starting point of her artistic practice is investigatory, the main engine is to collect and connect. Through image, concept and language, the results are mostly, but not limited to, the production of prints, fanzines and paper ephemera.

While exercising states of representation, the intentions are essentially poetic. 

Selected works 

Four women, two men & a monster
Terra Nullius
Once in a Blue
up without an insistent casting away
Terra Incognita
The Mornings After
What will happen when everything becomes anything becomes everywhere becomes all things?



Broadsheet newspaper
Scanart / Lossy compression

Bergen, Norway 2017
Print: Newspaper Club
Traditional broadsheet fanzine
12 pages
52gsm recycle

1 edition

This newspaper explores, through collage and glitch, the contradictions of the roman concept after which it is entitled. “Terra Nullius” is nobody’s land, empty land, territory that may be acquired by occupation. It’s a term that has been used to label uninteresting unwanted land; but also used in the justification of European colonisation, as well as to protect global commons from soveregneity, such as celestial bodies and the high seas. Cyberspace is by some considered a global common, and therefore free territory.

It’s a voyage from rocks — to mountains — to the celestial Comet 67P — to cyberspace — and back to rock, when ultimately Rosetta satellite crashes into the comet.

A comment on the intersections between the real and the virtual. But also the deterioration of the real into the virtual; and back again.

Eduard Imhof (1895–1986) plaster relief maps.

"In 1967, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union sign the Outer Space Treaty, formally the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. The treaty declares the Moon to be Terra Nullius, a world belonging to no one. Around 100 nations still adhere to this agreement today.”

MacOS Sierra glitched, Lone Pine Peak’s famous photograph.