Vera Gomes
Visual artist & designer

Published: Sept 2014,
Bergen, Norway.
47 + 12 pages
Analog photography;
Collage; Calligraphy.
Hand-stitched and signed.
Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain;

Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik, Croatia;
Kupari, Croatia; Évora, Portugal;
and Norway


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Selfpublished fanzine
Paper & digital collage / Paint

3 editions 

“Terra Incognita” is a conceptual fanzine, that borrows Aldous Huxley’s concept from “Doors of Perception” (1954) and “Heaven and Hell” (1956). A visual exploration through paper and digital collage, analogue photography and calligraphy.

“Like the earth of a hundred years ago, our mind still has its darkest Africas, its unmapped Borneos and Amazonian basins. (…) A man consists of what I may call an Old World of personal consciousness and, beyond a dividing sea, a series of New Worlds - the not too distant Virginias and Carolinas of the personal subconscious and the vegetative soul; the Far West of the collective unconscious, with its flare and symbols, its tribes of aboriginal archetypes; and, across another, vaster ocean, at the antipodes of everyday consciousness, the world of Visionary Experience.”

— HUXLEY, Aldous, "Doors of Perception" (1954),  "Heaven and Hell" (1956).

“When you paint or carve drapery, you are painting or carving forms which, for all practical purposes, are non-representational – the kind of unconditioned forms on which artists even in the most naturalistic tradition like to let themselves go.”


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