Visual-centric practicing between art and design, based in Bergen, Norway. The starting point tends to be investigatory, and the main engine is to collect images and then connect. The process is negotiating between the intentional and the generative output, in physical and digital material alike. This often results in handmade and digital collage, three dimensional collage and spacial assemblages, analogue photography and photogrammetry landscape.

While exercising states of representation, the intentions are essentially poetic. 

Selected works 

Four women, two men & a monster
Terra Nullius
Once in a Blue
up without an insistent casting away
Terra Incognita
The Mornings After
What will happen when everything becomes anything becomes everywhere becomes all things?


Once in a blue (moon & other bodies)

Collage, paint and typographic explorations using imagery of various rock formations. Natural monoliths, result of rock erosion; rocks that have been erected after the stars; tall menhirs; stones that became temples; and celestial bodies. There’s something unifying in matter. A cosmic alien drama.

Collage series

Analog photography:
Rauks from Fårö, Sweden
Peniche, PT
Almendres, Évora, PT

Collages with:
James Nasmyth’s plaster models of the moon
NASA’s moon imagery